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Will the real TRUTH, please stand up!

It is disturbing, vexing, yet not surprising, that those who are supposedly called the Saints of God, the Elect, disciples of Christ, Christians… seem to check their brains, reasoning and intellect, at the door of “churchianity.” Our God, Yahweh, created us with all faculties to discern and reason, to use our intellect in the realm of His Spirit. What I have seen, recently, is a wave from an ocean of obscurity.

An evangelist with a healing ministry, with words of knowledge, comes to a congregation to minister. He has a past of integrity and success; however, it is slightly stained. But whose life isn’t stained to one degree or another. The minister is calling out people, and giving words of knowledge that no one could know. We stand amazed because we’ve never seen or heard anything like that. HOweveer, the “Christian” community is totally ignorant of the fact that demons can appear as angels of light.

In my experience in life, we live in a spiritual world with many versions of truth. How do we sort it out. The Word of God has been bastardized and adulterated for the past many centuries. Almost like satan has been released to deceive the nations! So, someone in a healing ministry who tries to convince you that it is evangelistic and is a true revival, may have ulterior motives. Especially when there is no proof for their claims. Should not be from the mouth of a doctor to a minister, but actual verifiable healings. But they refuse to do it. Judgment unto them. For one, the consistent perspective of the Scripture as a futuristic or contemporary meaning is absolutely rediculious. Jesus (Yeshua) was speaking to the people of the day ( the Jews) to prepare them for their final judgment or glorious salvation and the coming of the Lord, in judgment… at the end of the 70 weeks and the 40 year generation that would be given to them to acceptg the “New Covenant.”

It’s called. “ the Blind leding the blind”… That is the terrible disease that infects our faith! We believe anything told us by supposed authorities. If we divert from their truth, they eliminate us!!! So, what is the remedy?…. Drop “PET DOCTRINES,” be open and willing to accept doctrines that denominational religion has kept you from, for ages!

Let me say this,… I am aware of the psychic network and how it works! My mother went to a “Christian Psychic Psycholgist.” My mother gave him my first name and birth date; and them proceeded to tell my Mom of things I would never tell her. So, I am highly in tune with the spiritual world, and it’s impact on us. I am not saying that anyone is possessed; but we need to make a decision— between good and evil!!


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God is Love & God is Spirit. So, Love is Spirit

The foundation, the very essence of creation, is in its laws. Fundamental to all things are the rules and laws of its existence. We study God’s creation every day, just living and breathing. Wonderments, observations, guessings… all play a part in our symbiotic power play with all elements of life. Continue reading

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God’s Recovery… Redemption

In preparing to work on my 12 step program, God revealed some things to me that I will now share. However,
First of all, I am a “recovered” addict. I suffered with a HUGE chemical addiction. Since I was 16 years old, substance abuse was a big part of my life. I could not go anywhere or do anything without being loaded. There wasn’t any enjoyment in life apart from having drugs coursing through my veins. Besides the 11 weeks I spent in Marine Corps boot camp, drugs played a daily role in my life, with varying degrees of intoxication. Around the beginning of the year in 1984, I became a disciple of Ye’shua. Jesus relieved me from a 12 year addiction to street drugs & alcohol. A major weight was lifted from my shoulders. Matt 11:29, “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” This was my first experience of the delivering Power of Jesus Messiah. Continue reading

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Our Unchanging God. Is He enough?

God is unchanging. Generations, Society, Literature, Music, “whatever comes to mind” changes. However, nothing is new under the sun. Our Father, through His Word, Jesus Messiah, met every opposition to His Culture by telling us NOT to change; that is, in patterns and ways people receive and grow, dwell with and commune in God’s Spirit.
A culture is an “integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought and social learning; the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution, organization or group.” (WikiPedia)….sounded right. Continue reading

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Hatred of the Jews. My comment from VOR

Though over-simplified, this parenthetical occurrence in the realm of eternity, called God’s plan of redemption, in creating a Bride for His Word and a People for Yahweh, the development of the said has an “agonist and an antagonist.” That is to say, in order to have a choice one must be able to choose, duh!  Well, we have light and dark. We have a people of Yahweh (light) and a people of the world, Satan the evil one (dark).  Israel, including the ‘grafted-in’, are God’s chosen Oracle to reflect Him and bring the Words of redemption drawing people into the Kingdom of God. The right vs. wrong, light vs. dark and good vs. bad, have been an on-going theme from beginning. Being that Israel is God’s chosen people it is simply an effort of an evil charged world against God’s way. The innate hatred of the Jews is a seed in the soul of an unregenerated person. Continue reading

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Seven Year Tribulation? Where in Scripture?

We have been taught for decades, even centuries, that the tribulation Yeshua spoke of was seven years long. In fact, anyone that wrote the inspired Word of Elohiym (the entirety of God), had nothing to say regarding a seven year tribulation. Nowhere in Scripture or Epistles teaches a seven year tribulation. How could this have been overlooked all these centuries? Continue reading

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The Christian Walk Pt.2… The Refining

It’s no wonder Yahweh uses the process of gold and silver extraction as a metaphor of deeper workings in one’s life. The process hasn’t changed much in the recent six millennia (creation). It starts with the prospecting, collecting, extraction and a grueling process known as refining. Continue reading

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The Christian Walk, Pt.1…In The Beginning

It will be necessary to address a few topics, briefly, in order, to set things up for future writings. An understanding of the spirit, soul and body is very important to grasp in order to truly walk victorioiusly in the Spirit of God and to truly hear His voice. Continue reading

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A Little of more to Come

I believe this is a wonderful tool for the Lord of Glory; Yahshua-Jesus THE Christ, Son of the one and only living God. However lies and the sublties of lies, mixed with truth, can lead one astray from the simple truth of repentance and forgivness that CAN lead to salvation. Repentance is a daily act integrally tied in with sanctification; Continue reading

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